Ferrari 360 Modena Limousine; Or, How to Look Ridiculous

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Nothing says chav quite like rolling up to your wedding in a 20 foot long Ferrari 360 Modena Limo. Though not quite as impressive as the Czech-built Skoda limo the other day, this one will probably hold more Guinness World Records. The 360 limo was the brainchild of owner and builder Dan Cawley, in partnership with former Mclaren associate Chris Wright. They constructed the car by slicing the beast in half and then painstakingly reconstructing the carbon-fiber chassis, along with adding carbon -iber supports. Even though the car is over nine feet longer than stock, it only weights in at an additional 350 lbs.

With those figures in mind, the owners are planning to make a run at the record for the longest Ferrari and the fastest limo in April. Not bad considering we only found out about the Ferrari Limo only about a year ago. If you live in England, you and seven of your closest friends can rent it out for the princely sum of 700 quid an hour. Have fun doing really, really big donuts. [via The Daily Mail]


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Stretching a mid-engined car has to be a lot easier that stretching a front engine, rear-drive car. Some longer cables for the throttle and shift linkage, and lengthen the wiring harness, voila!. No need for a longer driveshaft.

I guess stretching a front driver would be easier still. Next up: Smart ForTwelve.