Fergie Auctions Off Her Hummer H2 To, You Know, Save The Environment

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The owner of the trademark on lovely lady lumps is auctioning off her lump of an SUV — a DUB Edition Hummer H2 for charity. That's totally so special of her! So what's the charity, you ask? Global Green USA. Umm, yeah. But wait, wait all you cynics of the world — she answers your question your question already. The answer, just below the jump:

The cynic may say that this is just transferring the negative effects of the vehicle to someone else, but in supporting Global Green USA, the charity is donating carbon emission credits for 10 years to offset the impact and in addition it is using the money to work on the important issue of climate change.


Oh, well, carbon emission credits — sure, we'll buy that. What about the carbon emissions credits you'll need to offset the ten gallon jugs of disinfectant you'll need to cleanse this vehicle of whatever Fergaliciousness may have gone on in the back? (Hat tip to Joe!) [via eBay]

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