Fell in Love with a Girl: Philly-Area Man Gets Hot for Skoda's Felicia

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Prague there, for a while, was a hotspot for post-jaded American and Western European angelheaded hipster youth of a certain age. Twentysomethings wandering the streets, sipping their Urquell, listening to the Velvet Underground, fucking cheap prostitutes, clutching well-thumbed copies of The Unbearable Lightness of Being and falling in love thrice weekly. But Jim Donley? He was a businessman. And he fell in love with Felicia, an unassuming little convertible. Because really, who would risk herpes and/or worse when one could have a Skoda droptop and a shot at fleeting immortality on Jalopnik's flash-in-the-pan Maximum Skoda Day? Exactly.


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