Feel Free to Carry Your Suitcase Full of Teeth Through Airport Security: TSA

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We all have things that give us a strange sense of comfort, many of which—liquids more than 3.4 ounces, certain alcoholic beverages, foam swords, mace keychains—aren’t allowed to go through airport security and onto a plane with us. But teeth? Pal, you can bring the ones in your mouth and in your suitcase.

The Transportation Security Administration reminded everyone of that in a tweet on Thursday, obviously sensing the overwhelming national concern in regards to traveling with teeth. TSA said all kinds of teeth, including human teeth, animal teeth, artificial teeth and the pearly whites in your mouth, are good to go through security.


TSA popped in a hashtag for “Tooth Fairy Day,” which noted toothpaste maker Colgate says is Aug. 22 but nationalholidaycalender.com lists as today. But, no matter the true holiday date, the earlier the better for sharing vital information such as this.


That’s right, everyone. Your days of staring at the nearly untouched carry-on bag in your closet, packed neatly with your immaculate collection of teeth, and wondering if you’d be able to get it through the scanners at the airport are over.

Bring those teeth, honey, and bring them with pride. TSA won’t stop you.