Illustration for article titled ​Feds Slap Ferrari With $3.5 Million Fine For Not Filing Safety Reports

Since 2011, Ferrari has been required to file "early warning reports" regarding safety issues with NHTSA. The only problem is they, umm, forgot. Now Ferrari owes the feds $3.5 million in fines. Whoops.

The apparent oversight came after Fiat began selling its wares again in the U.S. Since Ferrari is part of the the Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles conglomerate – and not just a lone, small-volume brand selling in the states – Ferrari had to begin filing these reports each quarter for the past three years.


According to NHTSA, during that period Ferrari failed to report three fatal accidents, something it wasn't required to inform the feds about before Fiat began selling in the U.S. – which is a bit baffling in its own right.

For each quarter they failed to file, they were fined around $300k, adding up to $3.5M over the past three years. And part of the fine includes retroactively submitting past reports as well as training personnel on the procedures. Lamborghini, owned by VAG, has to file similar reports, but other small-volume manufacturers are exempt. Something to think about next time you throw a leg over the scaffolding of your Ariel Atom.

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