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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the exact same government industry that's been investigating GM over its deadly ignition switches, is now investigating Chrysler over a very similar problem in Jeep Grand Cherokees and Commanders. This is not good.


No deaths or injuries have been reported yet from driver's knees bumping the ignition switch out of the "ON" position in 2005-2006 Jeep Grand Cherokees and 2006-2007 Jeep Commanders. 1.25 million vehicles are affected, though NHTSA has only received 32 complaints, according to a NHTSA statement, via Reuters.


If the car is turned off, the airbags may fail to deploy.

No cars have been recalled yet, but if you've got one of the SUVs involved, you might as well wait in the mail for the notice to arrive. I don't think any manufacturer is stupid enough to let this one slide.

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