Father of the Manta: Ascona!

The Opel Ascona spawned the much-beloved Manta, and while in the 1980s, the Ascona became part of GM's J platform scam along with the Cimarron, Firenza and a whole host of other craptastic appliances, the Manta held onto its legacy, refusing to release its grip on sweet, sweet RWD. Here we have an Ascona B, the second generation car. And a German napping in its trunk. Wacky, wacky Teutons.


Ad Watch: Leaked Opel Manta Spot [Internal]

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The Opel above looks like a Chevy Chevette, i.e. Isuzu I mark. Truly GM's first world car. It also was a Vauxhall, Holden and a Pontiac T1000. Up until a couple of years ago I would still see I-mark Diesel's puttering up and down I80 on my commute to the bay area. If nothing else, it was RWD. When I was in Vancouver, Canada I was surprised how many late 70's early 80's American classics are still on the road. From my observations Canadians are really cheap and like our parents, hang on to stuff forever.