Father of Teen Killed In TN Pro-Mod Accident Sues

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The father of fifteen-year-old Scarlett Replogle — killed in the Selmer, Tennesee accident when Troy Critchley's Pro Mod got out of line during an exhibition burnout at the Cars for Kids charity event earlier this month — is suing for 2.5 million dollars in compensatory damages, on top of $7.5 mil in punitive damages. Bruce Replogle has named Cars for Kids, Critchley and car-owner AMS as defendants in the case. In other news pertaining to the tragedy, the Tennessee Department of State is checking into whether Cars for Kids was correctly licensed as a charitable organization under the state's tax code.


Father of teen killed in Selmer drag car accident sues [Houston Chronicle]

Troy Critchley and AMS Issue Statement On Weekend Pro-Mod Debacle [Internal]


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@brandegee: I think you nailed it. Punitive damages will definitely be levied, compensatory damages will probably be agreed upon (although, as someone else stated earlier, exactly how do you compensate someone the death of his/her child?), and it probably won't be $10M.

This whole debacle may kill the charity entirely. There's a good chance it will wind up in dissolution, to be absorbed by another charity serving similar interests.