Fastest Car At Thunderhill: Team InAccuracy's Acura Integra

When you go check out the lap times for the 24 Hours of LeMons race of last weekend, an interesting figure jumps out at you: 1:13.649 seconds. That's the quickest lap time of any car at the race, and it was not set by the overall winner, nor by the #2 or #3 cars; in fact, it's nearly four seconds faster than race winners Team Red Meat and Poontang's Mazda's best lap. Meet the #4 finishing car, the Acura Integra run by Team Fantasy Junction/InAccuracy! We're not shocked by this car's crazy-fast lap- not after seeing how quick a similar Integra was at the Altamont race (sadly, that Acura dropped some connecting rods on the track, which slowed it down considerably). The lesson here seems to be: consistency, not speed, wins this race.


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