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Is the SV12 S Biturbo the world's fastest roadster? Brabus says it is. We already know the boys at Brabus love to cackle menacingly when they take greenhorn journos for autobahn burns in their tuner Benzinos. But now, they'd be wise to consider shrink-wrapping the passenger seat on this tuner SL, which produces 730 hp from the Brabus-futzed twin-turbo, bored-out V12. With a wink, they'll tell you there's a limiter built into the SV12's computer that halts forward progress at 217 mph. They'll mention the billet crankshaft and remachining of the cylinder heads and size of their intercoolers as if to say, "wear plastic shorts." They'll drop bits of science like 973 ft/-lbs of torque or zero-to-62 mph in 4.0 seconds. And we'll go "holy crap," like we always do. Holy crap, indeed.

Tuning the Crap Out of a Mercedes CLS: The Brabus Rocket