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Holy crap. When we heard JCB was going after the diesel land speed record, we pictured something exactly like the aero-slip DieselMax racer it came up with. But did we expect the twin-turbo slingshot to sound like a Cummins-powered Freightliner? Damn straight we didn't (tho it makes perfect sense β€” it is still just a really fancy, low-riding rig with poor cargo capacity). The JCM bunch hit 201 mph in the DieselMax this week, ahead of its attempt at 300 mph later this month on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Check out some of the videos on Farmers Weekly Interactive (seriously), and tell me that telltale clatter doesn't blow your mind.

JCB prepares for Bonneville diesel land speed record with DieselMax car [Farmers Interactive Weekly]

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