​Fast Drones And Local Motors Go Together Better Than PB&J

If you want to pitch a couple of drones to the world, there are worse ways than enlisting the crew at Local Motors to help with the sizzle reel. I need both of these things in my life.


The Rally Fighter and the team at LM are the stars of the show, but the IRIS+ and X8+ drones are doing the heavy lifting. They're both from 3D Robotics, which makes quadrocopters, octocopters, and all sorts of UAVs (full disclosure: Chris Anderson, the head of the company, used to be my boss), but the IRIS+ is aimed more towards normals than hardened droneaholics, with simple software and the ability to follow your movements using your Android device's GPS. It's been on my wishlist for months, and the fat man in the red suit had better deliver.


For Sweden

...and not a single FAA regulation was followed that day.