Fast And Furious 4 Super Bowl Trailer: Hot Girl-On-Girl, Car-On-Car Action

What’s better than two girls making out? How about a Super Bowl ad that combines hot lesbians with car crashes? We give you the trailer for Fast And Furious 4.

Don’t worry, the Buick Grand National is still present, along with Vin Diesel and plenty of explosions. We’re guessing they added the babe-on-babe to tie up the prepubescent audience even better.

Hit our Super Bowl Ad Watch tag page for the rest of tonight’s big commercials from the big game!

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PotbellyJoe and 42 others

So anyone else notice the "Grand National" front plate on it for the scene before it goes to go under the truck? Yet it has an NJ plate on the back (that ugly yellow to white fade is noticeable from a mile away) which would mean there would have to be an NJ front plate... I guess if you're going to get a lot wrong, you might as well get it all wrong...