Famous Dustin Hoffman VW Ad Had A Brazilian Clone

You know that VW Type III Fastback commercial that features a young, energetic Dustin Hoffman climbing all over the inside of a '67 VW Fastback? If not, it's right above there. I think this must be the commercial's Brazilian doppelgänger:

Now, my Portuguese is a little rusty/nonexistent, but based on the actions of the spokesguy in the commercial, it looks to be essentially the same concept. They're using a Brazil-market-only Type III Variant wagon, but the general there's-two-trunks-and-I-have-no-idea-where-the-engine-is concept seems to be retained.


I think the Brazilian man in that ad also went on to star in the Brazilian remake of Tootsie, though I can't prove that because I may have just made that up.

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