Factory-Built Twin-Turbo Pinto: Nice Price Or Crack Pipe?

Illustration for article titled Factory-Built Twin-Turbo Pinto: Nice Price Or Crack Pipe?
Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Did Ford really build a twin-turbocharged pickup truck based on the Pinto in 1971? The seller of this "sweet rust free 1 of 1 factory built pinto race truck twin turbo 4 cyl bumper dragging beast" says they did, and that "ford picked me over bob glidden to drive cause he couldnt handle this monster." If it's for real and there's documentation to prove it, $15,000 is a pretty good deal. If not... well the going rate on Pintocheros might be a few notches below 15K. Cast your vote and we'll see how this sorts out. Thanks to LTDScott for the tip! [Mautofied]


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Pinson, Alabama is a economically and culturally challenged area northeast of Birmingham, AL. It used to have a number of heavy industry factories - some based on the steel industry which used to dominate Birmingham. I worked for a company which had its headquarters there. They moved to a green field distribution center way outside the area after they shipped all the jobs to Mexico. I would say the Pinto owner has about a 60% chance of being on crack rock versus meth.

That said if you could see the um, pickup bed, you would be able to quickly determine the source of the vehicle- home brew or Ford. When I was in college in Alabama, I knew a guy who built pickups out of weird cheap cars. He actually did a decent job with one I particularly remember being a 2 door Ford Granada. This worked since he used the Granada's opera windows and c pillar as a sort of support - think of the Chevy Avalanche and you kind of get the picture. He installed salvage pickup bed sheet metal, fiberglassed and sanded the roof, sides, etc, and repainted it well...