Quizzes that test your knowledge of car movies and the cars within them are fun, but they're usually so damn full of letters. Aren't we sick of all those vowels and consonants in our car movie quizzes? I know I am. That's why we made this one that's almost entirely numbers.

The premise here is pretty simple. Each one of the following panels contains a set of numbers — and a few letters here or there as needed. Those numbers should suggest details about a specific movie car, or the movie, or both. We decided not to include units with these numbers because, let's face it, we're kind of assholes like that.


Not all the movies are strictly car movies, but they all did feature a notable car in some way. There's nothing too obscure here.

Some of these are pretty tricky, but I think you're a pretty sharp lot, and I bet you'll figure them out. Oh, and one is actually a TV series and not a movie, so, you know, keep that in mind.

Okay. This'll be fun. Put your answers in the comments, and use the A-J letters on the panels to let us know which one you're talking about.

Sound good? Have at it!