Extremely Considerate Nürburgring Passenger Leaves The Car To Barf

The Nürburgring’s unforgivingly old-school Nordschleife course is a roller coaster of tight turns, fast corners, crazy elevation changes and all that’s right with the world as a gearhead. That also makes it the last place you want to be when you’re sick.

Fortunately for this passenger, the driver of this grey hatchback was able to pull off on the grass and wait for him as he got out to puke behind a barrier.


While we don’t always recommend getting out of your car on the Nürburgring, it is still supposed to be treated like a public road when it’s open for public touristenfahrten sessions, and folks should (in theory) expect to deal with the occasional car that’s pulled off the road with problems. Plus, sometimes stuff just happens—like vomit!

In this case, they appear to be in a relatively easy to see spot with no hazards ahead of it and they also got going relatively quickly.

The crowd cheered when the man gave them a thumbs-up once he felt better, as they should. Dude’s a beast for getting back in to finish the lap.

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