I had a weird idea recently about sticking a dashcam in my engine bay and seeing what things looked like from the perspective of, say, a doomed moth. Since it's Friday night and they left me in charge, I figured what the hell, may as well try it. Here's what I got.


The result is both what I expected and maybe a little more engaging to watch than I thought. There's enough light coming into the engine bay through the cooling/intake vents and where I propped it open to fit the camera that you can sort of get a sense of motion. I made sure to get it revving nice and high a few times to keep the, you know, drama of the whole thing going.

I like that you can see the throttle linkage to the twin carbs back there, and I'm surprised to see how much fore/aft pitching happens when I shift! I think the camera got a little wonky near the end there, but you get the idea.


Still, I'm pretty sure this is the Citizen Kane of under-hood, around-the-block, engine movies.

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