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Years ago, Pontiac debuted a concept called the 'Rageous. At the time, the joke was, "They should've called it the ''Diculous'." Reader Punkey spotted this C6 set to debut at the SEMA Show over at Autoblog, and our lord and savior is currently trembling in his sandals for the future of humanity. We'll leave the words with him, because we couldn't put it better ourselves: "Say hello to everything that's wrong with the tuning and modification scene today. 2 tons of fiberglass, ugly leather and enough electronic tat that it requires the output of the Hoover Dam to power it all. This is why I don't care about SEMA anymore."

They simply should've called it the 'Ridiculous.'

Outrageous C6 Corvette Set for SEMA [Autoblog]

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