Exclusive Live-Action Transformers Update: Megatron Must Be Stopped, And Prime's The Robot To Do It

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So there you have it — Megatron in all of his what appears to be frozen glory. We've also got another shot of the Camaro-rockin' Bumblebee fully transformed, as well as another picture of Prime as a long-nosed Semi and finally what looks to be "Team Autobot" — the Black GMC TopKick (Ironhide), the modified H2 (Ratchet) and the Camaro concept (Bumblebee) all surrounding a ready-to-roll-out long-nosed Semi (Optimus Prime). Looks like a fanboy circle-jerk to us! But wait-wait, there's more — click the jump to find out the names of all the Autobots and Decepticons appearing in the movie from an online chat with the producers held this AM. [Hat tip as always to our boy Hue Hughes!]

Optimus Prime (semi)
Bumblebee (camaro concept)
Jazz (unknown)
Ratchet (modified h2, medical truck)
Ironhide (black GMC pickup)

Megatron (tank, modified m-1 or something)
Starscream (YF-22 raptor)
Brawl (unknown)
Bonecrusher (probably yellow construction loader)
Barricade (black, mustang police car)
Skorponok (giant robot scorpion)
Frenzy (unknown)
Blackout (probably some large transport military vehicle)


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