Exceptional Redneck Ingenuity: Sprint Jumping, Platform Pontiac

We'd really, really love to know just exactly how much illicit hooch was involved in the construction and destruction of the vehicles in this video. While the leaping Chevy Sprint in this vid isn't quite as fantastic as the one featured here, we also suspect that maybe only two of the diminutive runabout's three cylinders were actually on the boil. And just wait 'til the Pontiac shows up. Extended-steering-shaft madness!

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I can just picture the scene back at the house: Maw is frying up some possum innards on a stove fueled by burning tires, realizes the boys are late for lunch, and yells at the guys passing the jug on the front porch, "Git in the Platform Pontiac and round up them good-fer-nothin' brothers o'yourn!" Then it takes too long for them to get back, so she tells the youngun to take a break from stirring the sourmash and sends him out to drag 'em all back. The fact that they speak with some variety of Midwestern accent makes it all the more redneck.

I'm gonna give this one a solid 75 on the Hoon-O-Meter. If they'd jumped the Pontiac it would have been a record-shattering 428 points. In any case, I think this one will be a real powerhouse in this afternoon's Hoon of the Week voting.