The Big News about the 991.2 Porsche Carrera and Carrera S was that the flat-six went from being naturally aspirated to twin-turbocharged. As you know, turbocharging a car usually deadens the sound a bit and drops the redline. And since sound is a big part of the 911's following, I’m sure there was some lamenting from the diehards. But guess what? The turbo engine still sounds pretty good.

This is a nice, no-frills side-by-side comparison video. There isn’t any stupid electrozingwompwompwompdubstep to interfere with you listening to the car, no voiceovers. Just the two cars, mic’ed up.


Obviously, the 991.2's engine is whooshier and has a slightly lower redline. Its flat-six growl doesn’t have as much bass as the naturally aspirated one and the pitch is slightly different (more nasal?). But all in all, it still sounds like a Porsche.

Take a listen for yourself.

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