Excelsior! A Profile in Obsessively-Awesome Geekery

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Wow and yikes. Paul Brodie's 1919 Excelsior OHC replibike project is absolutely well...crap, we don't just have the words. Suffice to say, we just killed an hour absolutely rapt watching the prototype come together. Starting with a few photographs (none of which feature the left-hand side of the motorcycle), Brodie made use of everything he could get his hands on to create a motorcycle as authentic as possible (with a few modern upgrades like newer metal alloys).

There's Bondo. There's aluminum, und ja, there is even shteel. There's milling! There's lathing! There's casting! There're even antique roller cam followers! While the story covers the construction of the non-running prototype, Brodie plans to have seven of the runners for sale at 100k each, which given the sizable investment of time he's put in, actually seems reasonable. And he plans to take one to Bonneville. This man is our latest hero.

Excelsior Project [Flashback Fabrications via The Jockey Journal]

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For a while i thought you were saying you thought it was crap (and that you didn't have the words to express how crap it was so crap was the best you could come up with)