Former NASCAR driver James Neal led the California Highway Patrol on a 50-mile chase at 140 MPH speeds in his Corvette earlier this week. His engine blew outside La Jolla and he DNF'd.

Orange County police attempted to stop Neal, who raced small-time NASCAR at the defunct Ascot Park track in Gardena in the 1980s, for nothing more serious than a missing front license plate. Rather than accept a small fine, Neal decided he had enough experience behind the wheel to outrun the law.

He took off up Interstate 5 in his 2003 Chevy Corvette, and raced away from San Clemente and the cops, reaching speeds up to 140 MPH. Since it was a minor crime and he was endangering other motorists, the Highway Patrol backed down and let him run only to pick him up outside of La Jolla after his engine blew up. Now Neal's facing a month in jail and probation for felony evasion. See, even race car drivers can't outrun the cops. (Thanks for all the tips!)