Ewan McGregor Drives A Toyota Prius And Land Rover Defender

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As a daily driver, McGregor switches between a Land Rover Defender and a Toyota Prius. Hmm. Well, we're guessing maybe he thinks they cancel each other out or something.

More interesting for us gearheads is that he also rode a BMW R 1150 GS Adventure from London to NYC. Here's the story from Wikipedia:

At the beginning of filming of the TV series "Long Way Round," McGregor advocated riding BMW motorcycles, while his partner Charley Boorman advocated KTM. After off-road tests on the KTM and BMW machines, McGregor acquiesced to Boorman's passion for the KTM. However, after one of their specialist terrain riders met with the LWR team and learned more about their intentions, KTM refused to provide them with their bikes, as the trip seemed too dangerous, or perhaps unlikely to generate the right publicity for KTM. Boorman took the news particularly badly as he had long been desperate to ride a KTM on such a journey. BMW then contributed three BMW R 1150 GS Adventure all-terrain motorcycles. The bikes featured a range of modifications to help the team achieve and document their mission. The bikes were also equipped with cameras, microphones and display / viewfinder screens mounted on the dashboards. A customized GPS system with specially mapped waypoints in Mongolia and Siberia was crucial in areas with no roads or signposting.

For the follow-up show, Long Way Down, the two rode BMW R 1200 GS Adventures, the successor to the R1150GS Adventure bikes they rode in Long Way Round.


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