Everything About This Piaggio Ape Is Adorable And Hilarious And Sad

Italy is a magical place, full of Italians and Piaggio Apes. And if you have no idea what a Piaggio Ape is, that is terrible. Because it's a delightful little three-wheeled pickup, and when fully loaded every sad little attempt to get up a hill is the silliest goddamn thing I've seen all morning. Until it flips.

Which is even better.

My none years of high school Italian are failing me right now, so I have no idea what these guys are saying through their massive and understandable giggling fit. But I imagine it's something along the lines of "look at us are we not Italian? Haha yes this is a very Italian thing to do hah." Because that just makes sense.


Many enthusiasts would consider a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini, or even a Pagani to be Italy's finest contribution to the automotive world. These people are wrong. Italy's finest contribution is the Ape, because anything involving it is wonderful.

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