I'm not exactly sure what black machinations cause these things to happen, but in the past few days I've had ton of people talk to me about this amazing video. We've actually written about it years ago, but for whatever reason, the collective conscious is thinking about roof-mounted small-car campers. Why fight it?


A woman competing in the Ultimate Street Car challenge with me this past weekend even brought it up. Facebook friends who normally only comment to gloat on pictures that show my bald spot posted it on my wall. So here it is, in all its 1974 glory: the brilliant Shadow trailer, with its ingenious roof-mounted ball-and-socket hitch.


Look how maneuverable this thing is! I've hauled trailers before, and had to back them up, and always found that process a brain-melting exercise in frustration. Why aren't these common now?

Maybe now's the time — maybe all the attention is a sign. It's time. Time for revolution. Revolution via towing little trailers. I'm ready.

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