The Sultan Of Brunei's Hotel Is Actually Feeling Jay Leno's Wrath

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Jay Leno joined a protest at the Sultan of Brunei's Beverly Hills Hotel last month, aimed at raising awareness of the Sultan's repressive new laws that act as a basic insult to humanity, and punishing him where it hurts in the wallet. And it just so happens that the punishment is working.


Well, working in the sense that Sultan is making slightly less money than he was before, not necessarily working in that any of Brunei's new penal code, which promises harsh retribution like lashing and stoning, will be changed at all in the near future.

Business at the Beverly Hills Hotel is off "dramatically," according to Variety, as Hollywood Types have begun avoiding it like the plague, and employees of ICM Partners, UTA and WME Entertainment have all joined in the boycott.

It's gotten so bad, in fact, that the CEO of Dreamworks Animation, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and super-sports agent Casey Wasserman have approached the hotel's management to find some resolution. Because those dudes love themselves a good hotel.

On the other side of the coin, if you can call it that, are actors Russell Crowe and Rose McGowan, who have hosted events at the hotel and have called the boycott "misguided," as they believe that it's just punishing the hotel workers. So there's that.

But to affect a major business's operations this badly, you need to have some serious clout. Jay Leno-levels of clout.


Don't mess with Jay Leno.

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Everyone said Leno would fade into corny-joked, giant-chinned obscurity once he was booted from the Tonight Show; first fucking thing he does is draw attention to a country's human rights violation. Whatever your opinions of the guy, you have to applaud his efforts.

(But he does tell corny-ass jokes.)