Everybody Wins When A Dilapidated Hippie Bus Races A Barn Find Pickup Truck

“It takes bumps really well, it likes to fly,” says Frank about his 1967 Ford Prerunner. But since he broke his neck, the truck hasn’t seen much action. Until off-road expert Fred Williams challenges him to “a race.”

“This truck has brought me more smiles per dollar than anything else I’ve ever owned,” Frank says.


Hearing something like that hits you right in the feels. Even more so since it doesn’t look like the guy has had many opportunities to go hog-wild in the dirt from his wheelchair. And the truck has deteriorated into something of a rusty statue.

Fortunately Fred shows up to help give Frank’s old truck a new shot at life, and the chance to “race” a ridiculous old VW van with two swamper tires and a lift kit.

Hilarity ensues at the end, but watching both trucks “come to life” is even more interesting.

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Lets Just Drive

Damn you, Andrew. You just made me feel old.

When I was a kid, Hippie Vans/Buses were strictly Type 2's. Now, apparently, that moniker is being extended to these wedge shaped nightmares (sorry, Type 2 hard-on)? Damn you kids and your ideas.