Every Weekend Racing Event Should Look More Like This One

“Traksi kross” appears to be something like a glorified version of what we call rallycross here in the United States, with any and all kinds of vehicles—from giant trucks to tiny hatchbacks—running a dirt course through some farm property. Every racing event should look more like this than not.

The first thing that stands out is the variety of vehicles. I believe this event took place in Estonia, which would explain the rally trucks that make the country’s racing scene so internet famous.


That would also explain the numerous Ladas and other Soviet-era ZAZes and such, as well as the newer Audis.

The second thing that stands out is just how hard everyone is driving and how cavalier they are to their car’s condition. People punt tractor tires set up as chicanes and spectators run out to pull the sheetmetal out from the wheel so the car can continue as before.

If every event on the SCCA calendar was replaced with this, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. Hell, I’m more inclined to watch this than NASCAR and IndyCar combined.

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Raphael Orlove

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