Every Old Rumor Is New Again: Could the Small Mercedes Come to the US?

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We've seen this movie before. German premium-car company hints to news organization it's considering shipping a Europe-only miniwagen to the US; news organization goes to print; bleary eyed blog writer pens headline with exclamation marks; company tells car magazine it's not going to happen. Fin. That cycle may be in play again, with Reuters doing the reporting. But compared to the last time Mercedes hinted it would bring the A/B-Class cars to the US (i.e., 2004) conditions are different. Gas is flirting with three bucks a gallon and the downsizing of vehicles is seen as a global trend — two conditions that could make the blood-curdling expense of bring a C-segment car to the US pay off in a new economy of scale. The B-Class is already offered in Canada, so smuggling a few over the border may not be that strenuous. But will Americans balk at a new "baby Benz" that makes the last one look like a Coupe DeVille?

Downsizing trend could bring small Mercedes to U.S. [Reuters]

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