Illustration for article titled Ever Wondered What A Bugatti 2+2 Would Look Like? Neither Have We

Though we understand why people are so anxious to tinker with the Bugatti Veyron, a 2+2 GT version isn't something that we'd considered until we saw these drawings from the young Maltese designer Reuben Zammit. For a concept sketch that no one asked for, Zammit does a good job of maintaining the Bugatti aesthetic while still creating a somewhat original profile. The rear is a bit too much like every other supercar dream, but we like the shooting brake look of the Bugatti Type 12-2 Streamliner concept.


Though the car isn't likely to be produced by Bugatti, which takes years to develop one model, the designer claims it was designed around fitting the twin-turbo W12 engine under the hood (that's right, it's front-engined). Dare to dream Zammit, dare to dream. [ReubenZammit via CarScoop

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