Ever Wonder What Your Car's Emblem Means?

Even though a recent trend with emblems is to use them as supersized chrome kitsch to draw attention away from an appealingly boring design, once upon a time they actually meant something. Like a family crest, most Automotive emblems represent something important to the maker—something historically important, ideals the brand strives towards, or a testament to someone's ego. We've stumbled across an index of sorts that catalogs the origins and meanings of most of the worlds major automakers, and we must say, it's pretty darn interesting. For instance...

...did you know the griffin head on the Saab emblem is derived from the coat of arms of Count von Skane and the symbol for the Swedish province of Skane, where Saab originates from? Neither did we, but we're not exactly experts on Swedish heraldry. Many more arcane gems of information await at The History of Car Logos.


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