We sure haven't. McLaren seems as nebulous as the Associated Press; sort of a cabal of nameless, faceless cretins with nothing but world domination in mind. They do however, have a world corporate and production headquarters a couple kliks outside of Surry in the UK. The 613,500 square foot facility was designed by architects Foster and Partners to reflect the high technology present at McLaren. But seriously, talk about cool working environment, not only does it host some serious hardware like the Mercedes McLaren SLR 722 GTR we saw get busted in New York, but it's got its own series of lakes.

Aside from lakes to providing a commanding backdrop, it has a wind tunnel, development garages, floating, evil-lair style walkways, and meeting rooms and office space for all of the bean counters and engineers. We'd love to say Jalopnik HQ looks like this, but it's more like a Victorian era sweat shop complete with pep-tonic and sadistic, whip-wielding task masters. [Cars-Show and McLaren Tech Centre]