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No matter how hard the universe tries, it just can't keep Black Eyed Peas frontman out of the car space. But instead of extremely modified Beetles and pseudo- DeLoreans, this time his talents have been tapped to "design" a 2015 Lexus NX crossover. Only I'm not sure what he did, exactly? (Updated with pics of the actual car.)

It seems is the NX's pitchman in Europe, and as part of this they're debuting a "special one-off version" of the car at next week's Paris Motor Show. They call the car he designed "highly stylised."

But take a look at the NX in these photos and the TV spot below. Does it look any different from a normal NX to you? I'm not really sure what did here. Maybe he just configured one online? (I once designed a BMW M3.)

Maybe here's what we can take away from this: no matter how hard he tries, not even can make the NX uglier. And that's saying something.


Update: Here are the pictures of the NX he designed. It's got a widebody kit, basically. Is it uglier than a normal NX? I'd say they're about even.