Even The Knight Rider R/C Car Has Turbo Boost

As far as we can tell, the new GT500KR Mustang KITT still lacks any kind of turbo boost. But now you can still enjoy a little bit of the old Knight Rider turbo in the form of a remote control car. Forget the Mustang—let's return to the Golden Age with the Pontiac Trans-Am KITT remote-control car from Firebox. You'll be the coolest kid in the neighborhood. Your dad will be able to beat up other dads. But not The Hoff, or course.


This R/C car features the famoous KITT strobing lights and is capable of going forward, backward—and using its turbo boost! It makes whooshing sounds and yes, it will even talk to you. No word on whether archived Hasselhoff chest hair is also included. The original Knight Rider KITT remote-control car is available for a relatively modest outlay of $50. [Firebox via Gearlog]

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