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Lucky Brits. First they spy the Brangelina offspring before anyone else (Hello, Hello), then pics of Paul McCartney's (soon to be ex) wife engaged in a bit of the old Lonely Hearts Club Band (nudge, nudge, wink, wink sayno'more). Now, the gents at Caterham have uncovered their newest roadster for all Blighty to peep at. It's the Caterham CSR260 Superlight, and it's powered by a 2.3 liter, Cosworth-tweaked Ford Sigma engine, that can propel the feather-light sled to sixty mph in 3.1 seconds sterling. It's the first Caterham to sport the new MTCe 'Dynamic Suspensions' dampers as original equipment, which the company says will offer "an undiluted performance driving experience." How super light is the Superlight? It's 1245.6117803 lbs. Soaking wet.

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