Even chopped pickup trucks may not help Libya's rebels win

It would be heartening to report that Libya's ragtag rebellion has pushed itself to the brink of victory using their wits to build weapons like this recoilless rifle in a chopped Chinese pickup. But it wouldn't be true.


Turns out the rebels are a little frustrated with NATO's promises of help turning into sporadic bombings that occasionally hit rebel units and in one case, a civilian neighborhood in Tripoli. Cash and supplies may be running low, and while NATO helicopters can drop leaflets on rebel-held areas, calling in timely air support seems vexing at best.

Which leaves the rebels with the weaponry we've featured before, along with these new twists; chopped pickups whose cabs no longer block the sweep of their big guns. That top pickup is a Zhongxing Auto GrandTiger, a Chinese import that's become go-to wheels for many insurgents thanks to cheap replacement parts. The Mitsubishi Triton is, well, a Mitsubishi.

Photos: Associated Press

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