EV Come, EV Go: The Electric Smart's Drivetrain

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If you hadn't heard, the Smart EV, an electric-powered Fortwo is coming to a 220V line near you. Aussie gadget site Gizmag reports on the powerage system, supplied by UK-based electric-powertrain developer Zytek. DCX says the company will build only 200 of the cars initially, to be leased to corporate customers — so don't expect to see a pack of the silent ruinners on the M1, or your local equivalent. According to Zytec, the EV system uses a neodymium (that's rare-earth to you, knucklehead) magnet technology along with a brushless DC motor, which may or may not have to do with the insides of a car wash.

Zytek electric drivetrain enters production for smart ev [Gizmag]

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