European C1 Focus Bound For US, Prayers Being Answered After Five-Year Delay

Nary a week goes by where we aren't forced to look at another affordable, crisp-handling, attractive and unattainable European Ford Focus or derivative and recite that all too familiar prayer of "Ford, if you're listening, bring it over here" while trying to get excited about Bill Gates' Focus Coupe. Sure, we could have purchased a Mazda3 or Volvo S40, which are also based on the C1-platform, but that's besides the point. We wanted a cheap and toss-able blue oval hatch. Now it looks as though deliverance is nigh.


According to Ford's product czar Derrick Kuzak, a new Focus based on the C1 will be here eventually. This is going to allow for quicker production, reduced costs and blah blah blah. How long? It looks as though it'll be sometime in 2010 as a MY 2011 Focus ...maybe.That's apparently how long it takes to fit SYNC into it. Let's look at that wish list we made when the Euro C1 focus debuted:

1. Katie Couric Gets, Then Loses Prime-time News Job

2. Arrested Development never goes off the air

3. Successful Serialization of Friday Night Lights

4. Rachel Bilson falls in love with cars, becomes Jalopnik contributor.

5. We get to use the poster from Gone Fishin' in a post

6. C1-based Ford Focus

[Source: AutoNews via eGMCarTech]

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