Epic LUVliness - Mickey Thompson Tuned Baja Runner

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Oh Baja LUV, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: One, for the eleven inches of suspension travel. Two, for the six hundred horsepower aluminum 454 powering your frenzied travels. Three, for the holy-crap-this-is-batship-crazy nature of your existence. Yes, in 1975 Mickey Thompson and son Danny thought it right to build a LUV to the limit, and then run it in the Baja. Reportedly the only stock part of this truck is the cab. Tube frame, new suspension, massive tires... they even have aftermarket spark plugs. I feel like less of a man since in my twenty six years I have not yet built anything comparable. Close, but not quite.

And now I must curl up into a ball and cry about my inadequacy.

1975 LUV [Thompson Motorsports]

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