EPA Backs Away From GM's 230 MPG Chevy Volt Claim

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We aren't the only folks thinking GM's 230 MPG EPA Chevy Volt fuel economy rating's rather fantastic. Apparently the EPA thinks so too, issuing a statement saying it "cannot confirm the fuel economy values claimed by GM." [EPA via GreenCarAdvisor]

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Ummm... this was noted origionally by General Motors:


"The EPA has not confirmed this number yet because they haven’t tested the car, but they agreed to the testing method and GM is confident these are the numbers that will eventually become official."

In the article's I've seen so far from Jalopnik and most "Green" or "Progressive" sites, you have people compairing it to the PRIUS or in the case of Jalopnik just flat out bitching about the VOLT. it gets far better MPG, but hear we seam to be dealing with a religious group of foreign car lovers and environMENTAL wack jobs who use their precious car as a status symbol...

Their status symbol is threatened now by a more efficient all beit more expensive car and is going to get some heat. how dare an american manufacture make somethign that disrupts the superority driven ideolog of the foreign autmobile owner..

The Mielage is obviously based on average commuter driving. the volt is a trixy one to try because it doesn't even use the gasoline engine for the first 40ish miles of the test.

Lets do some math:

average motorist drives what: 15000 miles a year?

240 days at work (5x52 -20 for vacation and days off) average commutter commutes what, 36 miles a day?

240*36 = 8640 miles no gas.

Then there are those days where you drive longer then 40 miles and those days where you don't drive at all. (lets say no one drives on sundays for fun. better yet, lets say people don't drive every other sunday.

thats 26 days a year no one drives leaving 90 days to burn up the other 6360 miles (15000-8640)

Thats 70 miles a day where the Volt gets (remember, the first 40 are ELECTRIC) or 30 miles where you are buring fuel where it is said the volt gets 48 mpg when running the Generator for those 30 miles a day or 2700 miles a year (using this simple math)

So, 2700 miles / 48mpg = 56.25 gallons.

15000/56.25 = 266 mpg average.

that is rounding down to get a lower MPG whenever possible and not using Electricity at all.

So, is that an unreasonable number? I submit that it is not.