Enraged Crowd Swarms Mustang After It Plows Into Them At Car Show

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The Ford Mustang threat never went away. It just got quieter, as its owners seemingly got more cautious. But at a car meet in California this weekend, the threat returned, and this time the crowd fought back.

Some harrowing videos from Saturday night’s Big Bang Meet in Bellflower, CA show how a Mustang—forever the usual suspect when it comes to crashing into people at Cars and Coffee and other events—ran straight into a group of spectators after attempting some kind of sad, aborted donut.

This time, the crowd was not having it.

Videos show dozens of bystanders mobbing the white Mustang convertible, climbing on the hood and striking it with belts and rods, all while the owner attempts to drive away, presumably in search of a new pair of pants.


It’s not clear who the driver of the white Mustang convertible was. The local NBC News affiliate also said no injuries were reported in the crash, although some of those videos make it look like at least a few people were hurt.


The NBC station reports the crowd dispersed when police arrived, and officials may seek to prosecute those involved.


It’s horrible to watch on a lot of levels, especially with the terrifying and racially charged incident in Charlottesville last weekend still fresh in people’s minds. This may have been just a garden variety act of Mustang dumbassery rather than an intentionally violent act, but it’s yet more proof that a car can be a weapon in the wrong hands.

Hat tip to Paulo