Enormous 'Bigger One' Crash Takes Out Half The Field At Talladega

We had one “Big One” already at today’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Talladega. Now we’ve had a much, much ‘Bigger One” that took out half the remaining field. 17 cars ended up damaged after this huge wreck.


Kurt Busch in the No. 41 was all over the bumper of Jimmie Johnson’s No. 48, and ultimately turned Johnson up further on the banking—and into another car, setting off this enormous chain reaction on lap 160.

28 cars total as of now have been involved in crashes in today’s carnage-heavy Talladega race. Miraculously, 25 cars were either unscathed or able to make repairs quickly and stay on the lead lap for the restart.

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I love the Spanish announcer say “THE BIG ONE—EL GRANDE!”