Illustration for article titled Engine Swap of the Day: E30 M3 S14 + BMW 2002

Is it fun? Is the Earth a flattened sphere? Of course it’s fun when you combine a featherweight Neue Klasse with 200 HP of screaming Bavarian power.

The car was built by JP Cadoux of A–1 Imports Autoworks using a 1974 BMW 2002 and an 2.5-liter S14 engine from an E30 M3 Evo. If you guessed it makes a glorious noise, you guessed right.


Note 1: that single, center-mounted, conical exhaust pipe is simply the bee’s knees.

Note 2: if you’re very, very quick, you can race your current car to San Rafael, California, and maybe, just maybe get there before Sam Smith buys this and hoons off into the sunset.


Photo Credit: A–1 Imports Autoworks

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