Engine On: Karmann Ghia 1500 Rebuild Update

For those of you following our pal Scott's Type III rebuild odyssey, you will be stoked to hear that the engine is running. I was over at his place drinking some really fine beers (Duvel and Allagash Victoria) on Saturday and listening to a weird mechanical hum. Turns out it the noise is from the generator, and Scott has a new one on order. We didn't take it for a spin because A) we were drinking and B) after more than five years of just sitting there, Scott wants to bleed the brakes. And seeing as how he lives at the top of a hill, is a good idea. But don't despair, as a full test drive will be taking place in the upcoming weeks. Anyhow, the engine sounds loud and air cooled and is running strong. All 50 some odd horses of it. Want to hear for yourself? Then jump.


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