Engine Of The Day: Studebaker V8

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After World War II ended, Americans knew what they wanted: overhead-valve V8s and plenty of them! It took a few years, but almost every manufacturer had one by the mid-1950s. Studebaker joined the V8 club in 1951.

The Studebaker V8 was manufactured until 1963, with displacements ranging from 232 to 304 cubes. A heavy but reliable powerplant, the Studebaker V8 powered many a daily-driver Commander or Lark… but it goes without saying that we're more interested in the batshit-crazy supercharged versions. The Golden Hawk of 1957-58 got a McCulloch supercharger and churned out an impressive-for-the-time 275 horses. We all know about the Avanti, which got 289 horsepower out of its blown V8, but even cooler would be a factory-installed supercharged R2 in a '63 Lark, an option that meets with our highest approval. How about a 12-second Lark?
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Hell Yes for the Studebaker V-8. It has been an honoree in my Obscure Muscle Car Series 4 times.

The Studebaker Avanti

The Studebaker Golden Hawk!

The Packard Hawk

And the Super Lark and Super Hawk of 1963 and 1964 #studebaker