Our last Chrysler EOTD was built for aircraft use, so today we'll be honoring one of Chrysler's earthbound engine families: the big-block B series, which came in displacements of 350, 361, 383, and 400 cubes.

The RB series, which included the 413, 426 Wedge, and 440 engines (as well as the trivia-question-obscure RB 383 of 1959-60), might well be included with the B (it was a taller version of the B design) but we're going to stick with the B alone here. The Chrysler B engine, in 350- and 361-cubic-inch displacements, debuted in the 1958 model year and was dubbed the Golden Commando by Plymouth, the D-500 by Dodge, and the Turboflash by DeSoto. The 383 is the best-known of the Bs, being installed at some point in just about every vehicle Chrysler made during its 1959-1971 run, and let's not forget the 383-powered Jensen Interceptor! The final B engine was the smogged-down 400, which was essentially a bored-out 383; the last one drove onto the Malaise Highway in 1978.
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