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Endurance Warranty Review (2020)

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When shopping for an extended warranty, you might have come across a company called Endurance. So, how does an Endurance warranty compare to other options on the market? There are dozens of providers, but not all of them are good choices. That’s why it’s important to go with the right one.


We’ve reviewed the best extended warranty companies and ranked them on things like customer service and price. Learn more about our top picks and get quotes from each of them to compare your options.

In This Review:

About Endurance

Endurance has been providing extended warranties, also called vehicle service contracts, for 14 years. Drivers in any state except California can purchase a plan, and thousands of repair shops accept Endurance nationwide (including shops in California).

In the world of extended auto warranties, many companies act as brokers and sell plans that are administered by separate providers. Endurance doesn’t do this. Endurance is a direct provider, so it manages all the plans it sells.

The advantage is that you’ll work with the same company whether you buy a plan or file a claim. There’s no middle man. Because of that, Endurance claims to offer wholesale pricing, as well.


Endurance Warranty Pros:

  • Direct provider (no middleman)
  • Plans accepted at repair shops nationwide
  • “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot
  • Many coverage choices

Endurance Warranty Cons:

  • Not the longest coverage on the market
  • Perks like roadside assistance only included for the first year

Endurance Car Warranty Coverage

Endurance warranty plans come in five types:

  • Supreme: This plan is similar to a factory warranty. It uses an exclusionary contract and covers almost any mechanical or electrical component on the vehicle.
  • Superior: This is the highest level of component coverage. It includes coverage for hundreds of components on most systems of the car.
  • Secure Plus: This mid-level option has the shortest waiting period of 30 days. It covers parts on the main systems of the car.
  • Select Premier: Coverage includes the powertrain and some parts in the air conditioning, electrical, fuel, and cooling systems.
  • Secure: This is the most affordable Endurance auto warranty. It covers the basic powertrain components in the engine, transmission, and drivetrain.

There are two main types of coverage plans: exclusionary and component. An exclusionary contract only lists exclusions, and it usually covers over 1,000 parts. On the other hand, component contracts only cover auto repairs for the items specifically listed.

Some common warranty exclusions are:

  • Damage from misuse or lack of maintenance
  • Regular maintenance items
  • Wear and tear
  • Environmental damage
  • Salvaged titles or cars with tampered odometers

While some extended warranty programs include prepaid maintenance, Endurance is not one of them.


Perks To Endurance Auto Warranties

Endurance includes a range of perks with its warranty plans under the Endurance Elite Membership. Unfortunately, these perks are only free for the first year. Here’s what you get:

  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • ID theft protection
  • Repair financing up to $5,000
  • Endurance Protect app
  • Rewards for retail and restaurants
  • Personal assistant
  • Key fob replacement
  • Up to two tire repairs or replacements per year

How Much Is An Endurance Warranty?

In our research, we’ve found that Endurance offers affordable rates comparable to other top providers.

  • A Supreme plan for a 2018 Honda Civic (still under its factory warranty) costs about $2,846.95. This was for 6 years/71,000 miles of coverage.
  • A Secure plan for a 2012 Subaru Outback costs about $2,671.11 for 5 years/51,000 miles of coverage.

You can also expect to pay a down payment of about $150 to $190.

The company offers deductible options of $0, $50, $100, and $200. Choosing a higher deductible will lower your overall cost, and vice versa. You can pay for an Endurance warranty plan over 12, 18, or 24 months, which gives you good options for monthly payments.


Endurance auto warranties are designed to fit your situation, so there aren’t set prices on each plan. To get an exact price, you’ll have to get a quote yourself.

That being said, there are some things to know. Generally speaking, cars that cost more to repair–like high-tech models and luxury cars–will have more expensive warranties. On the flip side, makes like Toyota, Kia, and Honda are cheaper to repair and will fetch lower warranty prices.


The same type of coverage will also cost more for cars with higher mileage than cars with lower mileage.

How Endurance Extended Warranties Work

The first step is to gather some simple information for a quote. Endurance asks for your car’s year, make, model, and mileage, plus basic contact information. Once you submit your information to Endurance for a quote, it might be a few days before you hear back either by phone or email. If you call directly, you should have a free quote within a few minutes.


Depending on your vehicle, you’ll get quote details for plans you are eligible for. Read through the Endurance warranty contract before signing to know what you’re buying. Endurance offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can always request an Endurance cancellation for a prorated refund after that point.

When you have a breakdown, call Endurance’s roadside assistance number and have your car towed to any repair facility licensed by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). There are over 30,000 ASE-Certified® shops across the United States.


You’ll then give the repair shop the contact information for Endurance. Endurance will pay the shop directly for any covered repair, minus your deductible. Since it pays the repair shop directly, the Endurance warranty claims process is fairly straightforward.

Endurance Warranty Reviews

Endurance reviews from customers on Trustpilot give the company a rating of “Excellent.” The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives Endurance a C+ due to advertising issues. However, over 1,000 customer reviews on the BBB give Endurance a better-than-average rating. Below are a few example Endurance warranty reviews.


Positive Reviews

“I have used them twice for some pretty extensive repairs on my car. They were gracious and efficient, and they came through for me in a quick, easy manner.” – Donna W., BBB

“Very good experience. I felt like they genuinely cared about my crisis.” – Larry D., BBB


Negative Reviews

“I was dropped by the Endurance manager because they told me that I had the car in the shop too long and they will not fix it.” – Cristian V., BBB

“Horrible experience. They charged me well over $3,000 for their service. When I had motor problems, I had a very hard time getting them to pay.” – Stephens J., BBB


Bottom Line On Endurance: 5.0 Stars

Overall, we think you can’t go wrong with an Endurance extended auto warranty. Considering its customer service history, coverage options, and price, we rated Endurance as the best extended car warranty company available today.


Endurance has years of experience in the industry, so you know it’s not just going to disappear overnight. Plus, it’s backed by an A-rated insurance company. If you’re looking to continue your vehicle protection after your warranty expires, definitely check out a quote from Endurance.

  • Reputation: 5.0
  • Coverage: 5.0
  • Price: 4.5
  • Customer Experience: 5.0


Top Recommendations For Extended Car Warranties

While Endurance is a great choice, you might find a plan you like more with another provider. CARCHEX and CarShield are two more top companies that have paid out millions in claims and have made many happy customers.


CARCHEX: 5.0 Stars

CARCHEX provides affordable plans to many drivers and is a great choice for people with older vehicles. That’s because it can cover cars up to 250,000 miles. It’s endorsed by industry leaders like Kelley Blue Book and CARFAX.


CARCHEX plans come in five types, and each type has a number of different contracts, so drivers can find something that works for them. CARCHEX warranty reviews on Trustpilot rate the company above average.

To get a quote from CARCHEX, call 866-254-0205 or use the tool below.


CarShield: 4.5 Stars

CarShield has been in business for 15 years and is the most popular provider we’ve reviewed. Overall, many drivers find cheaper plans through CarShield than through other companies. CarShield offers six plans in total, including plans for specialty vehicles and high-tech components.


To get a quote from CarShield, call 800-563-2761 or use the tool below.