End of Summer Drops Gas Prices

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So yes, Robin Masters is still feeling the hurt, as gas prices in Honolulu are still averaging $3.17 a gallon, but Thomas Bancek's wallet is breathing a little easier, as gas prices in Boston are hitting a spread of $2.68. Then again, Banacek did much of his sleuthing in LA, where averages are currently sitting around $2.96, along with the City of Big Shoulders.

Regardless, nationally, after the big-shebang Labor Day drivefest, fuel prices are dropping, and if one has any sense or pent-up vacation time, they'll rock the cross-country action in about a week, when Indian Summer claims the land, the Los Angeles hills burn with the force of a starlet's loins, and the quality of light everywhere is simply astounding. Fuel up and head out, kids.


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